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Noorderpoort, Netherlands


Virtual Learning Environment / Digital Learning

e-trainers is a learning platform with which you will spend less time preparing your lessons while getting your students more engaged. e-trainers is made out of three methods that were developed and proved by teachers like you. All the three methods are based on bridging the digital divide between students and teachers.
The methods include adaptations for special needs students. You can freely download and customise the material for your class. And if you need support, this is provided through a ongoing coaching service.
It is made by teachers for teachers and a lot of useful knowledge is just a few clicks away.


The aim of the project is to improve the use of digital methods and instruments for educational purposes among trainers, teachers, and youth/ refugees/ employment operators by increasing and improving the following:
1. interest in the potential of digitalization in education and didactics,
2. ability to select digital content and instruments,
3. availability of quality continuous training opportunities on ICT,
4. spread of digital training at the system level.
The E-TRAINERS courses are set up with practical and interactive exercises, a variety of instruments and tools in order to provide users with the best approach to digital didactic methods. The courses also include continuous support and a coaching service to facilitate the integration of the learned skills and tools in their work.
The project is aimed at motivating trainers to move out of the comfort zone of their traditional methods and education culture, giving them new skills and tools for their digital professionalization.

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