Module 5 - Digital Education Models

The Digital Education Models module will also help you identify learner needs. However, it will then help you find ways to use technology for; Lecturing, Demonstration, Collaboration and Assessment.

The learning outcomes for Module 5: Digital Education Models are:
1. Identify learner needs;
2. Enhance Learning & Teaching through the use of digital learning models;
3. Evaluate the most appropriate digital learning model to enhance learning & teaching and satisfy learner needs.

Module Content

The module content will cover:

  • Identifying learner needs; digital pedagogy, Technology Enhanced Learning
    (TEL) and learner personas.
  • Enhancing learning through technology and using technology for; Lecturing,
    Demonstration, Collaboration and Assessment, as well as complimentary
  • A large range of education models including collaborative, adaptive,
    interactive, personalised, blended, active, social, networked and scenario-
    based learning, plus many more.
  • Instructional Design Principles (ADDIE, RAT, TPACK, SAMR, 4C from TBR) and retrieval practice.

Module Delivery & Assessment

The module will be delivered via our online platform and will accessible via Participants will assess their knowledge, understanding and application of the module materials through a series of Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQ’s).


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