Module 4 - Digital Education Methodologies

The Digital Education Methodologies module will help you identify learner needs and evaluate the most appropriate digital pedagogy to satisfy these needs using technology.

The learning outcomes for Module 4: Digital Education Methodologies are:
1. Identify learner needs;
2. Identify digital pedagogies to satisfy learner needs;
3. Evaluate the most appropriate digital pedagogy to satisfy learner needs.

Module Content

The module content will cover:

  • Identifying learner needs including digital pedagogy, Technology Enhanced
    Learning (TEL) and learner personas.
  • Learning pedagogy; Constructivism, Inquiry- Based, Reflective, Collaborative
    and Integrative.
  • Using technology to enhance pedagogy; Learning Design, developing inclusive learning, technology; its impact on student need, learning/teaching and assessment and the Hattie Effect size list.

Module Delivery & Assessment

The module will be delivered via our online platform and will accessible via Participants will assess their knowledge, understanding and application of the module materials through a series of Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQ’s).


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