Long-term recalling factual knowledge

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Ellen Heino



Quizlet is an online digital tool that can be used well for classroom or individual formative testing of factual knowledge. By creating a study set, in which a concept must be combined with the correct explanation, the student can practise as needed.

The purpose of the Quizlet tool is to offer learning material in a way that matches the pace of learning of the individual student. This prevents the teaching material from being passively offered by the teacher. After a short explanation of the tool, the students can work with it independently. It has been set up to allow students to work actively and at their own pace by learning facts and terms. By using the competition element, learning is experienced as more fun, the urge to win is big. The student must complete the quiz without errors and as quickly as possible to end as the winner. By regularly returning the quiz, taken independently by the student or in a class setting, the Ebbinghaus forgetting curve flattens out (so-called spaced learning).

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