Module 1 - Digital Identity

The Digital Identity module will define digital identity and help you understand what it is, while providing ways you can better manage your digital identity.

The learning outcomes for Module 1: Digital Identity are:

  1. Identify the components of digital Identity;
  2. Understand how to evaluate your digital identity;
  3. Identify and implement actions/changes to manage your digital identity;

Digital identity (DI) can be defined as the digital representation of the information known about a specific individual or organisation © ITU 2019.

Module Content

The module content will cover:

  • Digital identity, digital attributes & values, identity types and ways to understand your digital identity?
  • Digital footprint, identification, authentication & authorization, privacy and
    consent, hacking, catfishing, identity theft and self-image and building your online presence.
  • Identifying changes to manage your digital identity including right to privacy,
    consent, identity and devices and managing passwords.

Module Delivery & Assessment

The module will be delivered via our online platform and will accessible via Participants will assess their knowledge, understanding and application of the module materials through a series of Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQ’s).


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