Module 2 - Security & Data Handling

The Security & Data Handling module will help you define what data security is, providing the legislation which underpins data security. You will also learn preventive measures to keep your data safe.

The learning outcomes for Module 2: Security & Data Handling are:
1. Identify the factors that compromise cyber security
2. Understand the legislation that relates to online security and data management
3. Evaluate the most effective ways to plan for and respond to breaches in online security and data management

Module Content

The module content will cover:

  • What is data security and why is data security important?
  • Social media digital footprint, online reputation and digital identity theft and
  • Cybersecurity including updating devices, Wifi/Bluetooth connections risks, device data encryption and device remote locking/erasing.
  • Unauthorized access, data corruption and password policy including the various types of passwords; multiple passwords, complex passwords, biometrics passwords, 2-Step verification and tokens.
  • Physical Security and preventing device theft, tracking devices and managing
    device identification and customization.
  • Legislation which underpins data security including GDPR, international transfer of personal data and praxis in the classroom.
  • Managing data security; data back-up, back-up policy, device back-up: online & offline, data recovery and firewalls.
  • Preventive security measures, cyber resilience and physical security measures.
  • Cloud Access Security; Public WiFi, VPN/Tunnel, eID Card and sharing information.
  • Data encryption including hardware management, firmware, anti-virus software, mobile app security and Web browser security.

Module Delivery & Assessment

The module will be delivered via our online platform and will accessible via Participants will assess their knowledge, understanding and application of the module materials through a series of Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQ’s).


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