This module will help you identify learner needs and evaluate the most appropriate digital pedagogy to satisfy these needs using technology.

The learning outcomes for Module 5: Digital Education Models are:
1. Identifying Learner Needs;
2. Enhancing Learning through technology;
3. Education Models;

Module Content

The module content will cover:

  • Learner Personas, Technology Enhanced Learning, Digital Pedagogy.
  • Using Technology for Assessment, Using Technology for Collaboration, Using Technology for Demonstration, Using Technology for Lecturing.
  • Project-based learning, Experiential Learning, Flipped Classroom, Case study Teaching, Problem-based Learning, Immersive Learning, Scenario-based Learning, Networked Learning.

Module Delivery & Assessment

The module will be delivered via our online platform and will accessible via Participants will assess their knowledge, understanding and application of the module materials through a series of Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQ’s).


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